If you’re selling your home, you may be interested in adding value to your home by making repairs to your home, or undergoing a home remodel. Adding home improvements can often result in a higher selling price when you put your house on the market. Here is a helpful guide to get you started on selling your home.

Estimate Your Initial Selling Price

Many homeowners either over or underestimate the appropriate selling price for their home. To determine your initial selling price, look at the listings for similar homes in your area to the average selling price. You should also arrange for a home inspection and property appraisal so that you can find out if there are any serious issues that may prevent you from selling your home or negotiating a higher selling price .

Determine How to Negotiate a Higher Selling Price

After your home inspection or appraisal, you’ll have some good ideas about adding value to your home. This may include a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, landscaping overhaul, flooring remodels, and making necessary repairs to your home. Any home remodel should be undertaken with the goal of appealing to the average homebuyer.

Investigate Real Estate Investors

If you need to raise capital for costly a home remodel or repair, you may need to consult with a real estate investor. A real estate investor will review your home appraisal and home inspection to determine the home’s current and potential value. The investor will seek home construction or home renovation bids to find out the cost of a home remodel. He then lends the money necessary for the home remodel, to be repaid out of escrow when the home sells.

If you’re interested in adding value to your home near San Diego, CA , come see us at Renovating Lives. Our experienced real estate investors can help you secure a higher selling price for your home by providing loans for home remodels, home repairs, and home construction. For more information about selling your home at an increased price, call us today at (888) 265-4613.

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