Whether you’re undergoing a home remodel or are looking to sell your home, adding home improvements will increase your home’s value significantly. Even some creative landscaping or minor repairs around the house can help you sell when the time comes. Here are just a few ways you can increase the value of your home through modest home improvements.

Open It Up

Most homeowners and buyers are looking for open floor plans. Creating more space throughout your home will make the entire house or area look more welcoming. Potential home buyers will imagine placing their own furniture in that wide living room, or inviting guests into the welcomingly open foyer. More space, even the feeling of it, can mean a quicker turnaround when you sell your home. Look for any ways you can create space—knock out a wall or part of one, extend the hallway, or take out a kitchen island—and you’ll be surprised by how many buyers you get.

Let There Be Light

No one wants to live in a dark and dim dungeon. Take advantage of all your extra space with some brighter lighting. If you allow natural light in through skylights or windows, you’ll create a soft and warm feeling throughout your home. Even installing adjustable lighting, such as dimmers, can create that cozy feeling.

Keep It Efficient

One of the biggest value-increasers to a home is making it energy-efficient. Installing solar panels and energy-efficient windows and insulation will go a long way toward increasing your home’s value. In the meantime, you’ll also notice a significant decrease in your energy bills. You’ll be making money and saving money any way you look.

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