Not all home renovations will add value to your home. However, by investing in certain areas of your bathroom during your next bathroom remodel, you can actually make a return on your investment and ask for a higher selling price when selling your home. Read on to learn about smart bathroom renovations that bring big returns.


One of the best choices you can make during your bathroom remodel is to make your bathroom bigger. Modern bathrooms are spacious and airy, allowing plenty of room to walk around in. Most home buyers prefer this type of bathroom and will pay more for extra space. In order to get the most out of your bathroom size, you may need to adjust some of your bathroom’s current features. For example, replacing an old tub with a modern shower cabinet saves floor space and makes your bathroom more usable.

Be Neutral

During your bathroom remodel, and any other home remodel you might do, aim to choose neutral colors that will appeal to most of your potential buyers. While you may be tempted to invest in trendy color schemes or materials, its best to stick to a sleek classic look if you intend to sell your home in the future. This isn’t the time to play around with eccentric design possibilities—instead, focus on giving your bathroom mass appeal, and aim to have your design fit in with the rest of your home.


Don’t hesitate to spend on your bathroom remodel, as long as doing so upgrades your current facilities. For example, you might splurge for shower seating if your current shower doesn’t have any. Good lighting will also make a significant impact on the look of your bathroom. Finally, your potential buyers are sure to appreciate upgrades such as extra storage areas and multiple sinks.

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