A roof replacement is an important home repair . Not only does it solve structural problems such as leaks, but it can also allow you to ask for a higher selling price on your home. Read on to learn what you can expect during the roof replacement process.


Before roof replacement begins, the roofers will conduct an assessment of your roof in order to take the appropriate measurements and form an estimate for the costs of your home repair. Once you sign the contract, they will schedule delivery of the materials needed for the roof replacement.


The next step is to remove your current roof. The workers will protect your house and landscaping from falling debris using plastic tarps. Next, they will take a variety of safety precautions to make sure that the surface of your roof is stable enough to hold the workers. Finally, they will begin removing your roof shingles, starting at the ridges of your roof.


Once they’ve removed the roof shingles, the roofers will replace damaged plywood. They will also install weather shields in potentially vulnerable areas of your roof. After that, they will mount the roofing felt and bring the new shingles up to the roof. In addition to installing the shingles, they will also install vent boots and a starter strip, as well as a ridge vent, if needed, and ridge capping.

Clean Up

Once your new roof has been installed, the roofers will begin cleaning up any unnecessary debris that resulted from the project. They will also use roofing magnets to pick up nails that may have fallen into your yard. Finally, they’ll load up their remaining usable materials and let you enjoy the final product of your new home remodel.

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