Getting the best possible return when selling your home can be a tricky process. While investing in improvements is often essential for a higher selling price, it’s also important to avoid home features that may cause potential buyers to look elsewhere.

Covered Hardwood

If your home features hardwood floors, it can be a mistake to cover up this valued selling point with carpet. Most homebuyers find that hardwood floors look better, add more character, and are cleaner compared to carpeting. Before committing to a flooring remodel, considering refinishing your wood floors instead.

Converted Garages

Many people place a high value on space where they can store vehicles, tools, and equipment. Choosing to furnish a garage to make more room for family activities may work well for your household, but a sacrificed garage can be a turn off for potential homebuyers .

Repurposed Bedrooms

One of the first things that homebuyers look at when evaluating their options is the number of bedrooms per house. If you are thinking of selling your home but find yourself in need of a home office or walk-in closet, only include changes that are reversible. If you end up deciding to sell your home, you will want to claim as many bedrooms as possible.

Above Ground Pools

An above ground pool is an affordable and convenient option for families that want to cool off in the summer. Unfortunately, these home features can create a significant eyesore in your backyard, and can also detract from your landscaping. In fact, they can harm your lawn if you choose to place an above ground pool over grass. Try to install these pools in a hardscaped area if possible, and consider dismantling them before putting your home on the market.

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