When putting your home on the market, it can take just the right combination of home improvements to sell it at the price you want in the time frame you’re hoping for. If you’re looking for ways of adding value to your home, roof replacement is one of the most effective upgrades that you can make.

Several value-boosting benefits can come from replacing your home’s roof. Aged roofing often has missing tiles, faded color, or damaged materials, but new roofing looks attractive and can increase the house’s curb appeal. Newer roofing can also improve your home’s energy efficiency, and will add value to your home further if the roofing service offers warranties.

If you’re selling your home but want a higher selling price near San Diego, CA, call Renovating Lives today at (888) 265-4613. We offer home renovation and yard remodel loans so you can boost the value of your property and benefit from a shorter sale cycle.

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