Thinking about selling your home in the next year? Want to get the most value for your home when you sell it?

You should absolutely never sell your home “as-is”.

Did you know that even small improvements to your home can have a HUGE impact on the final selling price?

A small touch like modernizing your kitchen or overhauling the HVAC system, can easily add 10-20% to the final sale price of your home.

Sadly, most sellers don’t have the resources to finance those kinds of changes and repairs to their current home.

The result?

They end up losing a big chunk of the equity they’ve built up in their home simply because the buyer isn’t willing to pay top dollar for a home they’ll need to put more money into for repairs or changes.


That’s where we come in.
Find Out How Much You Can Increase The Value Of Selling Your Home

At Renovating Lives, we believe in helping you get the absolute best price for your home, by making the necessary repairs and/or upgrades.

At Renovating Lives, we take great pride in partnering with home sellers to help bring their house back to life and create a property that’s not only amazing for the seller, but for the new buyer, as well.

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners 100% of the time, we’ve helped homeowners improve the value of their property, and there’s not a dime out of pocket to the homeowner. We don’t get paid until the house sells.

We will make the improvements to your home it needs before putting it on the market, so you can profit big time!

Through our network of contractors and vendors here in the San Diego area, we have the ability to deliver the right people for the job, at the best possible price.

But that’s not even the best part.

Because of our deep roots here in San Diego, we are able to not just connect you with quality contractors, we are also able to help you finance the cost of the renovations.

Meaning that you pay nothing out of pocket for the renovations to your home. The cost of the changes is then recouped by us when we help you sell your home.

In most cases, the increased value of the home far outpaces the cost of the renovations performed on the home. On average, we make home sellers an extra $40,000 minimum after the sale of their home.
Interested in learning more?

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