June 10,  2020 (San Diego’s East County) The coronavirus pandemic has exacted a huge economic toll globally and locally.  With an estimated 32 million on unemployment the likelihood of economic changes to all of our lives, is of concern.

Mortgages might not be paid on time, obtaining future employment may be down the road, this may necessitate the likelihood of having to sell your home.

“If you lost your job during the pandemic, your future might be uncertain,” said the owner of Renovating Lives’ Greg May.

Renovating Lives operates in three stages: 1. Evaluation of your home, 2. Renovation, and 3. Sale. May, an Alpine resident who has offices in El Cajon and Arizona, works with homeowners to renovate their properties readying them for sale.

“I see people panic that they cannot sell their home during a pandemic,” he said.

But May’s own business experience provides perspective to those that are panicked.

“During this pandemic, we have five houses in escrow,” said May. “Two in Santee, one in El Cajon, one in Escondido, and one in Fallbrook. We have several other projects as well.”

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